This is my entry for the GMTK game jam, The theme for GMTK Game Jam 2019 is "only one".
In **Bong**, there is only 1 ball, and 1 paddle. See how far you can get!

I'd like to have got some audio, or background music in for the competition but i ran out of time. The whole thing took about 7-8 hours start to finish, i spent a lot of time messing about with circle drawing algorithms... ugh, math.


**Z key** - Start / Begin game.

**Arrow keys** - Move your paddle

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Made withPICO-8
Tagsbong, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, PICO-8, pong


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Well made game! The presentation is well done, the sound effects are on point and the game is easy to get into. My only complaint I suppose would be that the paddle is a bit on the speedy side. But even then, it is something that can be easily adjusted to after some time. I could see this getting a mention from Mark Brown.


What a brilliant idea! My only issue is that the paddle is a bit difficult to see at times as it's quite thin; Apart from that, this is a really fun game to play!


Stellar!  A great "One more time" game and the bounce sound effect is perfect. Very solid, hopefully this gets at least a mention.


This is actually a pretty neat time-waster. Nice


Super clever idea, fits the theme well! Wish I had thought of it! Put in a good dose bit of fine tuning (ball/paddle speed/size) and aesthetic polish (y'know, game 'juice') maybe mix in some more game modes and I could see this as a mobile game !


This is excellent. Not only is it moresome as a game but it's fair. You lose because you screwed up, and that's an excellent sign. Also, of course, the title screen is absolutely banging. Very nicely done.


Also I like that the ball always starts by going toward the paddle - it's a small thing, but the game is much better off doing that then if it were to go in a random direction.


If there was one thing I'd spruce up the main game just a little. I wouldn't have those main menu particles going through the middle circle but maybe they could go around the outside or something like that - or orbit around the outside if that were even possible. But that aside, no complaints.


Really enjoy it! Could see this being expanded on by the outer layer taking different shapes to create more dynamic movement